This campaign aims to raise awareness among Millennials and Gen-Z about the sustainability efforts of Canadian farmers 
The objective is to educate the target audience on the importance of environmental care and the role of farmers in achieving a sustainable future. The ultimate goal is to create a positive image of the dairy industry and encourage support for sustainable agriculture practices.
A Tamagotchi-type game called "Mootopia" is the focal point of the campaign and will educate the audience on the efforts made by farmers to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable farming practices. 
The campaign includes a mobile game, social media content, stickers, OOH ads and a micro-site.

UX Game Designer: Maya Ilkevich 
UX Website Designer + Branding: Kateryna Sheludko 
Graphic Designers: Cevat Arda Cem (OOH) and Mariane Gondim (Social Media a Animations)
Copywriter: Trevor Wajs

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