The Toronto Zoo is a place where young minds can discover a sense of exploration and curiosity without fear of judgment. It is not only a playful place to let children learn, it is a place to let them ask:

Who's the Tallest?
Who's the Strongest?
Who's the Heaviest?
Who's the Longest?

The campaign was designed to bring joy, excitement, and education to young-minded people of all ages. It invites them to perceive their surroundings differently and find answers in a fun way.

Roles: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustration & Motion Designer

Furthermore, the visual twist of integrating the Toronto Zoo’s logo into the shape of a question mark helps to reinforce the message that the zoo is much more than just an attraction - it is a way to experience something extraordinary with unique experiences.

The multi-media project includes placemaking & environmental pieces, billboards, card-game packaging, animation, and characters illustration. Through its mixture of vibrant visuals and inquisitive taglines, the design invites the public to explore their curiosity. A pallet of bright colours integrated into the brand's timeless greens brings a modern attitude and re-energizes the brand.

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