In this stationary graphic design project, a challenge was presented by a psychotherapist who strongly advocates for mindfulness practices. The task at hand was to create a visual identity that would showcase the idea that balance could be attained despite imperfections. Organic shapes and warm skin color tones were explored to achieve this, resulting in a design that exudes approachability and tranquility.
To emphasize the cozy and friendly tone of voice, a grotesque typeface was selected. The project included the creation of a logo, business cards, prescription sheets, and postal cards. The design was focused on accurately translating the client's vision into the final product while maintaining a visually appealing and functional outcome.
The end result was a cohesive and memorable visual identity that effectively communicated the client's unique approach to psychotherapy. Great attention to detail was given in designing the logo, business cards, prescription sheets, and postal cards, producing a product that met the client's needs and exceeded their expectations.

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